Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Why do women expect guys to make the first move???
we rather not get deaded. I mean we know you guys don't like it either but we figured by now you guys are used to it so getting deaded doesn't effect you as much. and guys are more harsh or females are just more sensitive. so just MAN UP and make your move. Trust; if its suppose to happen its gonna happen. Most likely if we were left to make the first move everything will just be at a stand still and you wont know what could of happened at the end of the night. ] ( speaking in general because i do know a lot of females including myself that goes after ours. but then at the same time its all about how you do it because a lot of you girls are birds. No matter of fact i take that guys are birds and you make me and those who are in the same boat as me look badSMH -_- )

( Obama needs to teach most of you men a few things. LMAO )

Do any guys out there still believe in chivalry???
[ there has to be at least one. What ever happened to opening our door, pulling out our chair, giving us your jacket when we're cold, making us walk on the inside of the sidewalk whenever we're walking somewhere???? ] (like its chivalry really dead or just your parents didn't teach you guys well because ya'll slacking. especially for this generation men. you guys are full of shxt and you know it but then again its a lot of you birds that make them feel that way about themselves. SMH )

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