Saturday, December 12, 2009

Paper Doll NYC Boutique !

I've heard of this boutique before, but never really looked into it. Until I started following @xStephyB on twitter, which happens to work there ! It's a beautiful boutique in Brooklyn,NY that features a variety of amazing womens collections such as Aryn.K, Dimepiece Collections and of course, Married to the MOB, amongst much more ! Today she was twitpic -ing some new shipment they got in & I instantly fell IN LOVE ! Definitely must go there ASAP ! Ladies, check out some of there new collections !

"One Pussy You Cant Fxck With" By DimePiece Designs

Aint No Wifey by Dimepiece Designs

"Love Dont' Pay The Bills" by Dimepiece Designs

Paid In NYC Crewneck

Womens Black Trench Shirt by Costume Dept.

Easy Rider Rugby Shirt by Married to the MOB

for directions or any other inquiries.
Follow them on twitter !

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