Wednesday, December 23, 2009


[ayyee clap for her clap for her ayeee; December 23rd a star was born]
Dear Samantha,

I just want to wish you; my best heart. & my sister Sammy. The best birthday possible, you deserve this sooo much !!! .your an amazing person, with a big heart. I absolutely adore you from the bottom of my heart. !! Whenever I need to someone to listen your there, whenever I need a great laugh your there. Your always willing to go above and beyond to make sure im happy regardless of the situation. I could go on forever about how much of a beautiful young woman you have become through out the years that I have gotten to know you. but I dont think theres enough words in the English dictionary. lol I am honestly blessed & thankful to be able to call my best friend . NO ! more than a best friend my sister.

You have taught me so much: whether you have realized it or not. You've taught to not be afraid to dream & dream big .!!. The amount of ambition that you withhold pushes me & makes me as well want to dream big. !! We grown so close over these past few years. to the extent that i dont even have 2 say anything & you already know whut im thinking just by the look on my face. We can say so much with out saying anything at all .I'd be lying if i sed we didnt hit a few bumps along the rode, but in all honestly it made us a million times stronger.No one understands the bond the 3 of us have aside from us.

I love the fact that you always laugh at my corny jokes. your always pretending to be little match maker. Our little dunkin donut dates. Our aimless phone convos. for hrss! . and most of all our friendship !!. I must say that in the past i took whut we have for granted but now I know that great friends are hard to come by. With all that being sed your stuck with me kiddo.

CANT WAIT to make it to the top with you & Daph. & build whut we now envision which will soon be a reality. !! L&L.

Sammy i cant say it enough. i love you so much from the bottom of my heart. & the pits of my soul. From me to you HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESSS ! :)


hugs & kisses your best friend Lexxie. <3.

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