Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lipstick & Labels Magazine COMING SOON ! 2010 !!

Life is about change & upgrading. We have officially decided to leave Blogger.com & make lipstick & labels into an officialy website. It will have the SAME great content ! Just a WAY more proffesional layout for our readers entertainment. We're also working on a few more surprises, which i rather not speak on just yet till contracts are signed ! I promise you guys, we have so much in store for you.

Now the reason I started a blog was NOT to be in the trend. My passion has always been writing, fashion, & networking. three things blogs offer. I always had a dream to start my own magazine. Especially after interning at two. I knew it was were i wanted to be in fashion. However, the internet has taken over the Magazine industry. Therefore I am willing to take that risk to join the competitive online magazine industry. I love competition. It makes me work harder. Being the founder of Lipstick & Labels I am proud to say, Thank You ! We truley do appreciatee ALL off our readers from all over the world ! Shout out to Paris, Canada, Kuwait, UK, Moscow, Everyonee ! & all over the US. We're trynna put on for our city ! NEW YORK !! xo. A special shout out to all our friends & supporter assisting us in promoting our blog all over. If you have ever wrote out www.lipstickandlabels.com on your social network: THANK YOU ! If you have ever told someone about us THANK YOU ! 

You guys motivate us to work harder. The more views & followers we see, the more we want to offer you guys. This isn't going to be any typical blog. We're making this into a company soon. But one step at a time sammy. lol.  Watch out for Lipstick & labels magazine in Jan. 2010 !!

PS; you may not see so many great material over the next couple of weeks, due to the fact that lexxie, daphh & myself are putting 100% into this new site for you guys ! We will keep you posted though ! Muahh ! :-*

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