Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My New Internship !

So congrats to me attaining my 4th internship  ! Which I am very proud of myself for. If you don't take pride, who will ?? I've been Priveleged to intern for WWD (Womans Wear Daily), VIBE Magazine & Fashion Week Bryant Park F/W 09. Now I want to try something new.  This internship is for an event coordinating agency in NYC, Not just ANY.. But working with a guy that has ran some of the TOP NY hot spots such as Mansion NY, & Now Greenhouse, An Eco-Friendly Club with a huge buzz right now  (Located on Varick & Vandam). From Jan '10- May '10 I will be an event intern assisting in putting together events, Not JUST for greenhouse, but for many other event that the agency promotes. ! Exciting ?! I knoww. Kind of reminds me of Heidi from the Hills ! llol. 

The last huge event they threw at Greenhouse, was a release party for Chris Brown. They also had one for Rihanna. I Feel, even though this isn't in the Fashion industry exactly, me being young.. I need to explore & widen my experience beyondd fashion. Event coordinating deals with the fashion & Music industry & much more. Don't keep your vision Narrow. Widen it to try new things ! I can just IMAGINE the amount of people i'm going to meet. Can't wait ! I'll keep you guys posted ! x & o's 

Here's a view on the inside of the Beautiful, GreenHouse !

Here's Ri Ri celebrating her publisict, Jenn's Bday AT Greenhouse ! 

PS; Off topic BUT.. My Birthdayy is Tomorrow !! & I'm Turning 20 ! =D Next year is going to be a great one. Keep supporting ! Love you guys ! Muah. xoxo.


  1. Wow congrats! I know those internships take a toll but good luck in building your career. Making moves, I like!

  2. what r yu doing exactly in fashion?

  3. --Thanks MNB ! <3

    --Hi TishaJade !

    Honestly at the age I'm at, with the love I have for all aspects of fashion ! I don't have a MAIN focus. I feel that would be too narrow. I like to dream big & want to be hands on with as much as I can in the fashion industry ! . :)

    My specialties however are styling & photoshoot production.


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