Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So, i just realized. I was single throughout the WHOLE year of 2009. But I think it was well needed for me. You learn ALOT about yourself through the "single life". I now know EXACTLY what I want and what I DONT want. I wouldn't change anything about this year. Not even the heartbreaks. Through those heartbreaks, I was taught something new. A new lesson. I have matured physically & emotionally and I am now DONE making stupid mistakes with my love life. I put my heart through enough damage. It's not the "heartbreakers" fault. It was mine for allowing them to do so.
Even though the single life is SO much fun and entertaining, there is something about a relationship that intrigues me. It's like a more intense friendship with a guy, where you both share a special bond exclusively with one another. Where you support one another to get to the top, & compliment each other. It's beautiful ! Hard to find lol but none the less, amazing when you DO find someone to share that with.

2010 Hopefully I can have someone to share it with. Because I know it's going to be an AMAZING one for my career and life in general. I just need someone that can keep up with me & support me in the ride to the top. ; )

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