Sunday, December 13, 2009


As me and Alex were looking for our outfit for Samantha's surprise dinner we bumped into the New Boyz. They were doing some interview for a Online Radio i believe (shrug shoulder) i only wanted a picture because the Ben J (brown skin) is a cutieee the other one Legacy; how old is he?? he looks mad young !!
So as were standing there talking to them. Alex said is your shirt free. Ben J said the question is are you going to buy it???  Alex flat out said NO! LMFAOOOOO (slaps forehead). this girl is tooooo much sometimes. LMAO. but we really weren't about to buy there shirts. like seriously tho. LOL. so they gave it to us. I mean we wear it to sleep tho :-/

i listen to them occasionallyyyyyyyyyyy. LOL. ehhhhhhhhh!

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  1. dont be talking about my boo . Thank You <3 hes hawttt. :]


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