Sunday, April 12, 2009

Update On Sammy =]

So; I havent really posted anything personal in a bit. On what I've been up to & what not. Well, for one, my internship at VIBE is slowly coming to an end. =/ =] LOL. Bittersweet. I'm planning to intern for a designer for this summer. I'm really pushing to work for Marc Jacobs (One of my faves). Im a go-getter, so you already know LOL. I've met this really cool kid named Donovan that is actually a intern designer for Marc by Marc. We instantly connected and he took me to the showroom to meet a few people. It was such a great experience & I hopeee I get it =X. Other than that, School has been good. Good grades and all. I have a huge Textiles test tuesday.! =O wish me luck. =] ehhh' Im still on the look for a job.! UGH. Thats been a stress for me lately. Its hard out here yo.! _*Sigh. Guys. . .Well I dont even know anymore LOL. I wear my heart on my sleeve like its the new fashion (LMAO) & it seems thats going out of style LOL. SMH. I've only really had my eye on one; like you know when theres alot of guys but you still..for someee reason remain to think of one..yea its one of those crazy unexplainable things LOL..but IDK. Hasnt been going anywhere; Maybe its not meant to be. so keep it moving right ?...ehh' on a lighter note; Me & the bestie Daphne have been having a ball this spring break. Meeting lots of new people. My new great friend Michelle. I absolutley luv her.! odee cool.Lots of memories in soho this break. LMAO. Ugh, i need to move to the city asap. Long Island is not for me. =/ All in All my life has been pretty good. And throughout it all i still remain to be humble, driven & cool as a mofo.!! =)

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  1. haha u still single im guessin hahaa ;-)

    (Anonymous show your face.!. please). lolol
    sighhh. boys are bananas now a day =/
    ...Michelle is awesome!!!!. =)

  3. ur gunna be famous miss

  4. aww good luck with it all miss!

    and follow me back on twitter i gots you followed!


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