Sunday, April 19, 2009

NBA 09 Playoffs.!!!!! =D

Of Course Im going for the lakers.! They're taking it this season! (Crosses fingers). I also wanted to adress the fact that people swear that all lakers fans are just bandwangon followers. I agree that 50% are...but the other 50% (Including myself, shouldnt have to take the fall) Kobe is a great playerr but not the only reason i like them. I personally love the line up of Kobe, Gasol & Odom. Their all great player. Even though i was hating odee hard on the celtics last year..there also a very strong team & of course cant forget the cavs. Lebron is the man!! I really hope the lakers get it though (especially b.c of all my shit talking LOL). Im still in debt from last year.I love playoff time, something to look forward to watch, Im trynna go to staten island, kick back & watch the lakers game ; ) LOL. Who are you guys going for ?! =]

PS; so, in Kanye news LOL. The NBA has officially annouced Kanye's single AMAZING as the back drop for the 2009 playoffs campaign:

(Scroll to bottom to pause music)


  1. Why statne island?? yu can com 2 queensz!lol. but i got 2 go with my celticssss

  2. i got the cavs and the lakers in the finals, but the lakers gone win it all


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