Friday, April 17, 2009

Chanel Iman & Tyga <3

So; Chanel Iman & Tyga have put their relationship in the public eye in the May '09 Issue of VOGUE. I'm not sure what or how I feel about this. I think Tyga is a cutie..but for Chanel...ehh IDK. I think her & Ryan Leslie were a better couple. & besides..their prob the same exact height without the stilletoes. LOL. What's your thoughts?? =]


  1. i didnt even no they were together until i saw vogue!!! his cute, shes cute...but he is i dnt no cuteness they are good but just teh height thing man!

  2. i sooo saw TYGAAAA today.!!!!
    he is sooo cautee n tiny.
    we so made a connection. likeee Chanel who???

  3. I think they look cute together they resemble each other alot even though i love tyga he is so fineee im not going to hate good luck on the relationship guys


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