Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Hate. . .

  • Fat People in Skinny Jeans (No offense. .just saying.)
  • Thirsty Guys
  • Girls w HighWaters. Ew!
  • Pelicans.=Loud, obnoxious females feening for attention. (We HATE Those LOL)
  • Girls messaging you on myspace w Drama. LOL
  • People w what i call "Myspace Swaggs" TUH!!
  • Girls w Bad Weaves.!! (Take Care Of That Ladies.!)
  • People with no goals in life. (They do nothing for me)
  • Girls that say "Ew She Think She Cute" AKA Haters. LOL
  • Hot Guys that date girls with NO SWAGG.!! (Its The New Thing I See Lmao)
  • Girls that think H&M Is Couture.!!!
  • People wearing fake shxt, that rock it like it's real gucci. SMFH.
  • Girls wearing bookbags still. LMAO
  • Everyone majoring in fashion at Nassau College, just cause. SMH. .
  • Girls that swear there fashionistas just cause there wearing H&M.

I'm Just Saying. . .

xo. Sammyy*


  1. I FEELLLL YOUUU.!!! with both hands. NO HOMO!!!!
    complete turnoffs. smh
    &&. if you consider yourself anywhere on this list. SMFH why bother. =/

  2. I think I might have some of the same hates.
    Especially the one with
    "the Hot Guys that date girls with no swagg".
    It is the new trend that I'm mad over.

  3. "Girls that swear there fashionistas just cause there wearing H&M."
    too effin hilarious


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