Friday, April 17, 2009


A luxurious brand by the name of Balmain. Started in the early 1900's by a great designer, Pierre Balmain. He got a degree in architecture. His background in this feild inspired his designs. After his unfortunate death, in 1992 Oscar De La Renta took over the company as creative director. Presently, Designer Christophe Decarnin has been the Man behind the magic.

Balmain left for a while, but is back & better than ever. With its skinny sleeves, Broad but flattering shoulders, Detailed sequins & beading. From the most luxurious jackets to the best washed of jeans. Balmain has gotten its "Buzz" for '09 =]. I personally love the new designs. but dont have $1000 to spend on a white tee or $12,000 to spend on a blazer =/ LOL. They have to be one of the most expensive designers out today. along with Michael Bastian LOL. There is nothing less then $1,000. SMH. But Beautiful =]

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