Sunday, April 19, 2009

??Questions I Ask Myself As Of April??

(SideBar: I Love my new Supreme Beanie_*Sigh) =D

  1. Why don't I have my license yet?!
  2. When is BluePrint III coming out already?!
  3. Why is Aim so wack & Twitter so poppin?! LMAO
  4. Why am i still single?!
  5. Why dont I have a job?
  6. What am i going to do after VIBE?! =/
  7. Why are girls so jealous & petty???
  8. Why are guys so afraid of taking risks??
  9. Why don't I have my chanel sneakers yet?!?!
  10. Why the heckkk am I not a millionaire yet?! LOL
  11. Why is Everyone a "Stylist" nowadays?!

x & o's Readers =]


  1. ur to fuckin cute

  2. Ha......I just did something similar like this on my twitter.....LoL

  3. I've asked many of the same questions myself! LoL

  4. im wit u on #'s 1,2,4,5.. lol i swear those are my biggest wonders right now

  5. Ha! you're so right, everybody thinks they're a fashionista and a stylist... smh!

  6. Lmao!!! U have so many creepy ass anonymouy people checkin u out...hillarious

  7. Feelin like Jadakiss eh? lol


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