Monday, April 20, 2009

Rob Roy-Fur In Cap

(Scroll To Bottom To Pause Music)

I just love this song & video HAHA. Dope.


  1. Doesn't this look familiar.....Lol

  2. Im mad homeboy above me is sayini bit off him as if this is his video & its not on like 10000 other sites. LMAO..when he odeeee bit off my last question post on his twitter & tryed to make it seem I bit off him SMH...UGH (I was gunna wirte it in a post but..oh well.)

    x & o's Readerss =] Mwah <3

  3. i love this videooo n song!!!! and has been floating around and so what..ppl take videos of other site thats how videos becme popular!! and you are right, he didnt make the video!


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