Saturday, February 14, 2009

What A Rip Off.

I had yet another bad Valentine. smh. & the sad part is that, i had a valentine lmao. omg. smfh. & to top it off; i found out my best friend Eric went down south for the week! lmao. wth?! what a day smh =/ I just ended up going to the mall with my bestie Jessica to buy her valentine a gift. smh way to make me feel better lmao. there were mad dudes buying there valentines gifts smh. however towards the end it got alittle better i guess; by someone that showed some kind of concern; we just went out to dinner. nothing special. it was real nice and appreciative..even though it wasnt with who i wanted it to be wit. it was still a good time (=
What is Valentines day anyway? its just a holiday made up by hallmark. Just a day to remind single people how lonely they really are lol & couples how much of a gold digger partner they have lol. maybe if i had a guy that spoiled me and went out of there way for me on vday; i would like it more. But i never had the chance to experience that. sad, i know, i know. Im sure you ask why, like evry other guy. I wish i knew. lmao. like seriously, i deserve to have a guy go out there way for me because i deserve it, & not alot of girls can say that and actually back it up. smh guys are dumb. & dont get it twisted; im not bitter, what so ever. im just wise and learnt alot from my past. thats all. welp;

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  1. damn, yu deserve to be treated like a princess. too sweeet. omg why pretty girls get treated bad smh

    holla at me sam!


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