Monday, February 23, 2009

Diary Of A VIBE Intern: Week 6

Ahh man; This past week has been a crazy one. It was soo crazzy busy due to the fact that the 3 fashion editors were preparing for the big carnival shoot in Trinidad. :] We had lotss & lotssss of samples coming in. Omg, you should have seen these louis Vuitton shoes that came.ugh. I fell in love.! (Below) Anyway, we had to keep everything organized & checked in etc. Finally Friday came & all the interns came to help pack for there trip. (They left saturday) We had so much organizing & checking in to do it wasnt even funnyyy.! little by little thee intern left. (due to school,work,personal matters,etc) It was down to me & crystal. We got to due to the fun part though. Which was help choose the looks they would use. (this is were i show off my styling capabilities) haha. I took full advantage and pulled together some great looks! Memsor (The fashion director) seemed please with my system of packing & putting together the looks, with the help of crystal. :]

We did not leave that office till about 11:30. Yes, 9 in the morning to 11:30 at night. & you people say interning or fashion is'nt a job. lol i probably do more work than you do in a week, in on day. lol. so much manual labor.! haha. Anyway i was sooooo freaken tired & over everythingg & everyyone. Finally Janelle (Associate market editor) felt bad & was pleased w us, she just called us a car service. So we ended up getting a ride alll the way home. from wall st to long island. i was soooooo happpy omg. lol I was dreading that train ride home. When me & crystal finally left, we got in our car. our driver was this nice nigerian man. We start talking & such and me & crys start talking about how hungry we are & jokingly ask & bother him to take us to a drive-thru. lmao. finally after all our...well MY.. wining lol he finally actuallyy exited to go through Mcdonalds drive thru. lmao. It was reallyy nice of him (but funny at the same time that he really did it) lol lol. So that about somes it up. Crazy week preparing for photoshoot in Trinidad.

Now that they're gone, us interns need to check outt all the sampless & have everything back to order by the time they get back..which is in like three days. yikes.! lol this shall be interesting

Louis Vuitton '09

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