Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just Some Thoughts;

Ugh; So lately i've been getting frustrated with my job at ALDO. I'm not the one to complain but i just cant lol.First off, i never really liked it. The reason being was due to the fact that the stock room was located down stairs.! That means the job consist of running up & down stairs aboutt 60 times a day. the worst is when the customer sends you about 5 times for diff sizes or styles & then after all that work, they dont buy shxt smfh. I also hate when people ask; "do you work here?" when I'm clearly weraing my walkie & aldo pin. I want to reply, no i just wear a huge walkie talkie for a fashion statment smh. I get that about 50 times a day lol. Then another thing is the manager; She's cool, but at times Not so approachable. It seems she got upset when school started back because that would leave me to only be able to work weekends (due to interning & school). Since I can only work weekends now, i would think she would give me hoursss.! but i havent been on the schedule ever since that little incident when school started. UGH.!* Well yesterday me & the bestie Daphnee went to go pick up my check from the last few weeks I worked. It was nice; wayyyyy nicer then i excpected actually lol. So that turned my frown upside down for the time being lol. Right in time for VDAY smh. Had to buy my Valentine a gift. & i like to p0ut thought into my gifts (= any of my close friends should know this lol lol.

Anyway;I am now looking for a new job. Preferably not in retail (unless its a reallly poppin store lol) I'm looking into a receptionist job. They get paiiddd $$$ (= lol. & i have great oral and writing skills so why not. If anyone knows of anyy job openings; let me know.! It would be greatly appreciated (= lol.

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