Saturday, February 21, 2009

Random Things I Miss From The Past:

  1. I miss Senior Year
  2. I miss Senior Year w Jessica lmaoo (Great Times)
  3. The Bestie Naashon (Hes the Worstie Now lol smh)
  4. My 'S' Chain (cough::Mr.Taylor::cough) lol
  5. Mase & Diddy (eh eh eh eh; Harlem World lmao)
  6. Being the youngest (now Im the middle child lmao smh)
  7. Being Called Angelface. . (No Comment here lol)
  8. Getting Money weekly from my daddy =/ uggh.
  9. Sleeping over Aliyahs house all summer lol (Goood Times)
  10. Living In Queens.

Just Some Random Thoughtss :]

1 comment:

  1. yeahh i DEF miss senior year wit youu too. don't know wut i wouldda done witout youu. ohh && if youu want i'll call youu angelface =]

    <3 jessica


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