Saturday, February 14, 2009

Diary Of A VIBE Intern: Week 5

Me & the other intern; Crystal. Shes one of a kind lol.
Janelle Grimmond: Associate Market Editor For Vibe. My supervisor. Love her!Terell: words. Mad coool ass kid from staten island. Ivan:This dude believe it or not; is puerto rican, and african lol. dead ass. & he could dancee lmao Nadia: Shes cool cause she's Guyanese ((= lol
I know I havent Written One of these in a while; I have been so tired lol. But ok, so this is the end of week 5 interning at vibe. It was a pretty hectic week. Fashion Week started yesterday so i have been in charge of all there invites, rsvping and such. ugh. what a annoying task! I worked on that for the past two weeks. Just rsvp-ing and fixing their schedules and such. Also we have been working on preparing for two photoshoots. we have been informed that instead of 12 magazines a year. we will now produce 10. June-July will be one big one & December-January will be another big issue. So were working on May & June-July Issue right now. I cant say the themes But its summery of course (=.

The photoshoot for may's was yesterday held at studio 59 at Chelsea Piers. It was the besttttt photoshoot i have ever been on. Howeverit was bittersweet lol. There were times I was like i just want to go homee. But I loved being there. First off, i ha to meet them at the office at 7:30 AM. omg. i had to wak up at 5 am and get on the train by 6. ugh. Second;It was crazzyy hectic. Me as well as the other intern crystal, were in charge of helping the model get dressed (=, Taking down credits for each look, organizning eveyrthing, etc. Everytime the models would come back from set, we basically had to take there clothes and right down the designer used etc. (the words you usually see at the bottom of mag pics). Also, I love dressing. It gives me a chance to sstyle & you know i love styling (=. Thats my goal. Anyway. What i can say was that it was a swimwear shoot. haha. Sooooo much fun.! And there all mad cool; & humble. besides the fact that they are really cute; there also great for networking in the industry, so i always get there facebook or email or something, to work with them in the future.

In this industry, to make it you have to take advantage of every situation possable. (= All in All, it was a longgg day, I worked my ass off from 7-11 at night. butit was a rewarding one. The pictures came out amazinggggg.! i met alot of great people, and got to be apart of something that great makes me feel good. We left about 7:00 and went back to bring evrythingggg back to the office. Had to pack them away, and then I had to re-do some thing another intern didnt do0. He was suppose to update the fashion week schedule and of course didnt. so we all had to sit there for another hourr or twoooo updating and re organizing invites they'd need for this weekend. smfh. We all didnt leave till about 9:30. Me, Crystal, Janelle (the associate market editor) & Celia (the market editor) had such a great day working together. i love themmm. you can def talk to them about anythingg, & they have great advice. times were i got frustrated they always motivate me. There great people. & i love working with them.


  1. you got some good lookin models.(Terell&&Ivan)
    heh heh. lolol

  2. yo where did you get that watch from... its dope...


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