Wednesday, February 4, 2009

50 Cent VS Rick Ross? SMH

Is it me or does this guy just Love attention?. He find any reason to start up something. lol. But his most recent drama is so crazy I had to share it lol lol. He Has beef with Rick Ross. It all started over a little interview and then this guy 50 had the nerve to go & take Rick Ross's baby mother shopping & shxt lmao. & tape it. damn thats effed up. Im mad he did that. like im really mad. Demetrius, you need to talk to your mans. (lol)

This is what happened:

& this was the outcome: SMH LOL


  1. I think you should know what your talking about before you make a section about it.
    First off, the 50 cent vs Rick Ross beef started because Rick Ross felt that 50 cent looked at him the wrong way, and went on to put 50 cents name in one of his songs. Knowing 50 cent, he will not just let you get away with that, so he went on to make Officer Ricky. Rick Ross just tried to make attention to himself since his album is coming out in March. So you should know facts before saying 50 finds any reason to start something. Im sure if someone called you out, you would say something back. Well Rick Ross thought he would get positive attention because of his lil comment, but 50 will demolish that nigga. Oh nd Rick ross's comeback to Officer Ricky which is "Kiss my pinky ring" is sooo TRASH.

  2. It's SAMMY's blog. w| SAMMY's opinions (=

    but thanks.


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