Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The "Title"

Everyone looks for that ONE companion, that can balance them out. That one person, that can understand them in ways that no other guy/girl can. That ONE person, that WON'T listen to the he said she said, & see's them for THEM. One person, that can support them in there life's endeavors. However, why is that once a guy finds a female that holds all these qualities and everything seems to be going so right, they take FOREVER to take the next step. Life is all about taking chances, and when you are presented with a great opportunity, you should always act upon it. You'll NEVER know until you try. Life is all about experiments, choices, & risks. These all make experiences & contribute to molding you as you mature.

The problem is, when a guy takes forever to take it to the next step (A Relationship), by that time, MOST of the time, the female usually has already moved on. That is when they try everything to get back in the picture. I guess it's true when they say "You don't know what you have until it's gone." At that time, when she's gone, is when the guy realizes what he's missing out on, & the affect she had on his life. STOP waiting & take a risk. If everything is good, then what do you really have to lose. ? Compared to all that you have to gain. 

In conclusion, FELLAS: Stop stringing them along, till they can't take it anymore. Keep it real and DON'T spare their feelings. "Feelings are something we can fix overtime, TIME is something we can NEVER get back". Just let them know what it is and take chances. Who knows, it might be the best thing to happen to you. You can only get SO far with all these loose little girls. Sure they can probably satisfy you, but that's it. Why settle for a million of those, when you can have someONE that can do that plus HOLD YOU DOWN. ;D

LADIES: STOP settling to be the side chick OR the chick with "No Title". I'm sure we have ALL heard the line, "Titles complicate things", or "Why do we need a title to label us". DON'T fall for those. LOL. Of course titles complicate things, ONLY because it makes restrictions & is a change in your life (From being single to taken) HOWEVER, if the guy REALLY likes you, the way he says he does, then it would be WORTH the struggle and they would be willing to adapt. Sure it's "Just a title", but it holds a lot of weight. So, don't allow yourself to settle with a guy like that, just because you like him. I'm sure you can find a guy that is willing to go FAR with you and ONLY you. We're YOUNG ! In the mean time, ENJOY YOUR LIFE !

Music REALLY helps clear your mind. Here's a few song's I've compiled for those who can relate to this post. ENJOY ! xo

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  1. I totally agree with you on that "Tittle" thing I have been going through that issue for ever.
    You should check out this poem I just wrote
    New Post "Frog or Prince" check it out! http://iseefranceblog.blogspot.com



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