Thursday, February 25, 2010

Boss Lady | VA$HTIE KOLA

Lexxie has inspired me to do a Boss Lady post. LOVE the concept ! So I want to take the time to pay homage to the LOVELY, VA$HTIE KOLA. 

VA$HTIE is a SUPER creative, ambitious, woman. I think she does close to EVERYTHING. Which is why she is such a role model to me. She is a music video director (with work such as Justin Beiber-one time, Solange- T.O.N.Y, C.R.S-US Placers, ETC). She's an artist, creative director, party promoter AND she has her own clothing line (Violette). I LOVE her tom boyish, yet CLASSY style. Her style is what REALLY gets me. As well as her 'Steeze'. It's through the roof. I can see why Pharrell dated her ! Anyway, the point is, she stands for female empowerment.  An INDEPENDENT, AMBITIOUS young lady.
Check out her EXTREMELY CREATIVE website, as well as her clothing line.

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