Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BEST Friend.

You can have a MILLION friends. But the individuals that have the BEST friend title are the ones that understand you and support you more than ANYONE else. At least that’s how I feel it should ALWAYS be. NEVER should you turn your back on your best friend, just because you’re tired of them complaining, OR don’t agree with their situation. Of course there will be times that you feel your friend is making a HUGE mistake. But your job as a BEST friend is to just be there to listen & help remind her of the consequences if your feel so strongly about what she is doing is wrong. NOT to just avoid her, because you’re tired of hearing her pointless complaining. And at the end of the situation, if it turns out YOU were RIGHT, you are NOT there to give her the “I told you so”. Being a BEST friend, you’re there to help her pick up the pieces and keep it moving. People are to live life and make their OWN mistakes, as well as their OWN judgments. So, if you have a best friend that you feel is making a HUGE mistake, just be there for her. But as playing a huge role as being her BEST friend, DO NOT give up on her. If my two best friends were to EVER give up on me, or NOT want to hear it anymore, I’d feel at my lowest. It would make my situation ten times worse. Because, at the end of the day, I would always feel as if I will ALWAYS have my best friends to fall back on no matter WHAT. If they weren’t there, I’d have nothing, and would just fall.

Having a BEST friend role is NOT easy. BUT once you have it, PLAY it. Do not take your role lightly. Because you now have an individual depending on you at ALL times.

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  1. i like this!!! thats exactly how me & my bestfriends r!!!!! && p.s. love the pic!


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