Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Same Jay Different Day

Hov at MSG doing his rendition of LL's "I Need Luv"

I dug up this video, simply because this is the epitome of an ARTIST. selling out Madison Square Garden. (Numerous Times) With hit after hits Though i love ALL of Jay's performances this one in particular is soooo Amazing & Mesmerizing !& it doesn't hurt he has the Queen of Hip-Hop & Soul holding down the stage with with him.(His career is so illustrious & his rep is not to be fxcked with). I SWEAR i can watch this man perform ALL day. He moves with such a demeanor .& calmness.You cant help but watch There will never be another HOV. so instead of downplaying how great of Musician this man is. How about we RESPECT it ! & appreciate it. We craved it, when we thought he was "retiring" so while he's in our presence lets savor the moment.
 Because there will never be another Hov. 
Shout out to those who bought the tickets to GO see this amazing man ! in March whether it'd be at
Madison Square Garden or Nassau Coliseum ENJOY ! :D 

One of the Best To Ever Do It" (c) Lexxie. 

( i could go on forever !) But ill save that for another time SO for now
enjoy the video guys !.

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  1. i have 2 tickets for the nassau coliseum show on march 12th @ 7:30 that im trying to sell. they are not the best seats but i am no longer able to attend.
    i am selling them for $200.
    if interested you can email me justmillz37@aim.com


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