Sunday, January 17, 2010

You Are Beautiful.

Lipstick & Labels is ALL about INSPIRING our generation & bringing each other to SUPPORT each other. This article was inspired for me to write for our LOVELY lady followers. We are in a whole new decade, a decade in which we will under go a huge transformation. If you are apart of my generation, we are going from being a teenager to being an adult pursuing our CAREERS. You ladies need to know your worth & carry yourselves with respect. Always think back to the saying, "In order to GAIN respect, one must respect THEMSELVES first". Always LOVE yourself before anyone else. The women body is SO amazing & powerful. I don't know about you, but the fact that our bodies can produce a whole new LIFE in 9 months is absolutely a blessing & nothing less than beautiful.  Another thing, girls are SO quick to judge and call other girls "Ugly" or "Fat".. all these negative labels. Everyone is beautiful in there OWN way, shape or form. Everyone has there own talent. Everyone has there own opinions. This is what we all need to come TOGETHER and realize. That EVERYONE is different, and just because someone is not like me or you doesn't make them any less of an individual. So STOP JUDGING & START SUPPORTING. ! You can be the most GORGEOUS person on the outside, but if your negative and stuck up.. It instantly makes you the ugliest person in the room.

Now even though Lipstick & Labels loves to support ALL young ladies, One type of female we will NOT respect are the ones that DON'T respect themselves. That look for drama, live for it, strive for attention, guy thirsty.. If you display ANY of these traits, I HIGHLY suggest that you re-evaluate your life & your surroundings. It's not too late to turn your life around. You DON'T have to use your body or SEX to get a guy to like you. A REAL man likes a lady with a good head on her shoulders, that carries herself as a young WOMAN. No REAL man will want anything to do with a female of such negative characteristics. Besides for sex, if even that. 

Every girl has the opportunity to be a QUEEN. And every girl deserves to have a KING. However if you don't Carry yourself as a QUEEN .. You will be treated by guys as a peasant.
I always have & always will stress this saying to L&L readers, because I want YOU guys to have the best knowledge & outlook on life.
Don't live life chasing MONEY. & Do NOT live your life chasing guys/girls. Live your life chasing your DREAMS & Aspirations & the other two. ? WILL fall into place over time. Surround yourself with positivity & positive things WILL happen to you.

PS; If you felt ANY type of way reading this article, Please see this as not L&L Judging you.. We're just trying to help you. Help young ladies be ALL they can be, to there fullest potentials. PLEASE, re-evaluate your life.. Less DRAMA !!  & DONT FORGET ! You do NOT need to use sex for a guy to like you & If you do.. I can assure you, that is not a REAL man. Treat your body as you would treat a pair of Christian Louboutins, I know you wouldn't just throw it around & have everyone wearing them. !! haha.A new decade.. Make some POSITIVE drastic changes. :)

This song is from L&L To all our beautiful readers.. & don't just "Hear" it.. LISTENN to it.

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