Monday, January 4, 2010

Keeping Up With L&L

A Message to our male readers:
It's 2010.
If your still dating "Average Pretty Girls", you need to step it up & start dating pretty girls that can inspire you.

Now what we mean by this is that, guys are still hyping all these regular pretty girls & all the beautiful independent ladies, with amibition are not getting the recognition & love that they deserve.

So if you find a lady like this.. Keep her. Cherish her. Don't take advantage of her, because you don't know when another one will come around. You should have a girl that motivates you to keep up with them & vice versa. ; )  Help each other to the top !!!!!!

We aren't attracted to guys due to there "Louis & Gucci" or their "Status" .. Ambition turns us on.

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