Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Why is it so hard to keep it real ????


When ever you meet someone most likely the chances are they are already talking to someone else but when you ask them they tell you no . Why is that??? People fail to realize when they tell the truth from the beginning what ever happens at the end is expected. When ever you make some one feel that they are the only one you are interested in everything becomes more complicated then it needs to be when you end up choosing the other person at the end. Theres always a better way to deal with things especially when other peoples feelings are involved.  If your going to take that much time out of someones life you might as well let them decide on what they want to do with it. Though sometimes keeping it real may hurt the other persons feelings at least they don't look stupid. As i wrote in a previous post  " I RATHER FEEL HURT THEN LOOK STUPID " just keep it real ! 

Don't spare our feelings, Spare our time & keep it real. We can fix our feelings over time, time is something we can never get back.


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