Friday, January 1, 2010

This Decade is Made For OUR Generation !!

First thing first : HAPPY NEW YEAR / DECADE to all L&L Supporters !!

Not only have we all made it through another YEAR, but we grew through a WHOLE decade already ! I have learned SO much within these past 10 years ! 2000 - 2010, going from being 10-20 years old ! I have been through heartbreaks, betrayal with "friends", Family drama, Losing my uncle (HARDEST THING EVERRR), gaining new additions to my family, Graduating HS, Staring college, & most importantly, went from being this girl that had no ambition, cutting classes, missing work, & only involved in friends.. into being this STRONG INDEPENDENT YOUNG LADY. With way too much ambition. You can say i got a HUGE wake up call. (But that's a whole other post). =)  I'm sure everyone has there journey story of this past decade of changes they've went through.

Now that we have successfully made it.. We are now ready to TAKEOVER this decade ! It is made for OUR generation. We need to all come together & help one another with, talent & passion, make it. If your higher up then someone that has talent/passion.. send the ladder down ! We need to form a movement & put each other on.. Not hate. Our generation is going to be the next idols. The next fashion designers, the next singers/rappers, the next entreprenuers, the next MILLIONAIRES, ETC ETC ETC. We're up next !!!

So let's show em how it's done.

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--Lipstick & Labels.

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