Thursday, January 21, 2010

Revoke Your Player Cards. !

So I was downloading a ton of music to my computer, & fell upon
All Because Of You by Marques Houston,
which by the way is an absolutely amazing & cute songg.

Which got me thinking.

-Deep down the most sluttiest guys just want the one person to come home to.-
in essence ...
("Revoke they're player cards")
Its easyy to have a ton of girls to talk to & chill with but at the end of the day. Those 15 mins you spend with those girls. Amount to nothing in comparsion to the one special person you would rather spend your daysss with.
There can be a 2446745943 girls telling you the same thing over & over but at the end of the day when that 1 person tells you it . Its a completely different ball game.

Someone to tell you, i love you or missed you & really mean it.
Some one to tell you how much you mean to them & know that theyre being honest with you.
Someone to dedicate your time & effort to. & knowing that all cards are in.
Some to know who knows your goals. dreams. ambitons ( & supports you)
Someone who knows your flaws & ALL. & finds them cute /charming & the best part about you.

- When they walk into a room you see no1 but them . ! -
butterflies & All.

but if you happen to find this special person DONT them gooo. because chances are you wont find another. so hold onto em' tight. & never let goo. !

"Life isnt about getting love from a million girls; its about finding that ONE girl you can love a millions ways".

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