Sunday, January 31, 2010


Have You Ever Been Involved With Someone, .. 

Whether it be a relationship or just casually talking etc. where you guys would get to a point & everything was perfect !. & you would ask yourself . "What' s wrong with person ?!" or "Something has to be wrong" or even say to yourself "This is too perfect"

I feel like we let our past relationships & experiences corrupt us to a point where we expect the worst out of someone. 
Were suppose to learn from the past ! not let it jade us where were afraid of heart-ache & pain.. In retrospect We often wait for something to go wrong, & sometimes thats where problems tend to arise & develop because we go looking for trouble or flaw of some sort. 

Which I myself am guilty of 100% . 

BUT why must we question it ?!, & doubt something that is going in the right direction ?!.

 There can be infinite amount of possibilities why we people think this ..

1. Some do enjoy the drama, (sub-consciencely & consciencely )  
2.Others may  feel as though they don't deserve a "good thing" 
3.EVEN to some its expected. ! 

Don't constantly question someone's intentions. 
( NO ! ) I'm not saying to be naive, but I am saying not everyone is the same & don't compare one person to a previous . Because not one person in this world is the same.  . Though we may share similar thoughts & traits, and personalities etc. "Were all cut from a different cloth" 
With that being said if you happen to find yourself in this sort of predicament 
REMEMBER ! Regardless of what steps you take heart ache is inevitable, there's no way of going about heartbreak. Its like death there's no way to cheat it .

SO go in with an open heart & bask in the moment. 


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