Thursday, January 14, 2010

Taking More Than What You Can Handle.

Why People Cheat???

So I've been sitting here thinking for the most logical reason on why people cheat; whether its to get even or just cause. Not that any reason would make it okay but it happens.

Ever heard of the saying "your eyes are bigger than your stomach" ?? Meaning people tend to take more food than what their stomach can handle. In this case thats exactly what people do. Not every person is meant for a relationship because they just don't know when to stick with their main course. People are greedy in every sense of the word. They want every bad chick/guy that walks in their path. They may truly and deeply love the person that they're with but they also want "that girl or guy". Its like going to a buffet; you always go straight after your favorite dish but you also want to sample everything else on the table. Over flow your plate and it just gets messyyyyy.
Its a cruel world we live in you just got to know how to handle yours. !


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