Monday, November 9, 2009

What Exactly Are Your Intentions ?? ..

It's so hard talking to a guy when your not sure what their intentions are. Especially when you have a history of guys with bad intentions, & you always end up with hurt feelings & time waisted out of your valuable life. Right !? It's so hard to read guys nowadays. They seem so sweet & right in the beginning. But who knows if that's genuine cause they really do like you .. orrr just because they want sex. -_-   Crazy right !? .. 

The only thing you CAN really do is take your TIMEE & make them work for you. If they really like you, they will be willing to put in time & effort for you. However, if it's a guy that doesn't keep his word (missing a simple return phonecall to blowing off your dates) ..He obviously doesn't care that much about going out of his way for you, so why should you do that for him ?? & if a guy doesn't show that he's putting in time & effort, MOST LIKELY he only wants ONE thing. smh.. sad. Veryy sad that a guy would put in alllll this work for some sex huh !? well.. it happens EVERYDAY !

Guys.. word of advise.. Save yourself some work & just go to the "fast" ones that don't care for that. When you find a pretty girl with a good head on her shoulders.. take advantage of that & consider yourself a lucky man. Get to know her.. & I'm sure she'll have you be the happiest man ever. & you can quote me on that.  ; )  
Hopefully "His" intentions are good cause i don't think my heart can go through another break..

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