Monday, November 23, 2009


Say hellooooooo to my new job at the Law Office of Learie R Wilson. P.C. yup a Law Office. sounds pretty hectic huh???? because it is!!! O_o. I used to work as a personal assistant for a real estater but as for now i'm temporarily a legal assistant for this Law Office....or maybe not temporary who knows what the future holds. but anywhoooo. i pretty much do the typical clerical stuff but it doesn't stop there. I draw up contracts for buyers and seller of houses, divorces,  and anything else you can think of. Pretty much things you would have to go to school for i learned all on my own. Not that many opportunities get thrown my way so when it doesssss i'll never turn it down. I kinda like this job better because i actually get to interact with people outside the four walls LOL. for those who don't know at my old job i felt like i was secluded from the world. :-/ . I feel as though this job can help me in many ways as far knowing how to handle situations under a lot of pressure as well as others. Anyways..i'll let you guys know how it goes later onnnn. i just wanted to let you guys know what been going on with me....
.i wont let it take away from Lipstick & Labels. ;) xoxo


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