Monday, November 16, 2009

Thinkingggggg...... :-/


I didn't expect my own best friend to treat me like that. You would of thought that at least we would of came to a compromise but it doesn't surprise me that didn't happen. I felt like talking to him was so pointless because no matter what i said he was going to make out what he wanted from it. This wasn't the first time we had this conversation  and i should of just left it alone..why keep trying to fix something when the other person doesn't want to understand where your coming from. It's just been so frustrating to the point i just cry about it cause no matter what i say my point is never taken. Lately hes been acting different but come to find out it was because of the first "talk" we had. He took everythhhingggggggggggg i said and took it completelyyyyyyy wrong and got offend by it for no reason. So what can i do??????? Nothing!! I've never gotten into in argument with him we never bumped heads until recently. After hearing all the talks about the problems he goes through with girls and the way he would just end it by just saying he didn't care......... it was easy for him to give me an ultimatum about our friendship. like your serious tho?????? like he was the last person i everrrrrrr expected to act like that towards me.......... :-(

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