Monday, November 2, 2009


I been thinking. Why do guys only see SEX when they see a female. Or atleast.. thats the FIRST thing they see ? (lemme guess.. cause they're guys right ?) That's such a pathetic lame excuse. Male or not.. You should respect any individual. 

When you look at me.. I want you to see beauty Not sex appeal. I want you to appreciate me for the smart young lady i have matured to be. I've been broken down to my lowest low but still maintain the biggest smile on my face & fill my days with laughter by the loved ones around me. I DESERVE to be treated with respect. & if you don't want anything else but sex out of me.. your a fool. 
It's like going to an ice cream store & you get a free smoothie with an ice cream purchase. Why would you just buy the ice cream w.o taking all you can get from it ?

I'm MUCH more than that. & If you take the time out to actually get to KNOW me & what i'm actually ABOUT.. You will come to that conclusion as well. & i guarantee you won't regret it. I might be the best thing that ever happened to you. ;)  I'm about having fun & living life to it's fullest capability. All i ask for is loyalty & alittle attention. =/ I HATE confrontation & try to hide from drama. (Unlike other girls that search for it). Despite the fact that it always seems to find me. =( Leave your baggage & Groupies at the doorr !! -_-

Oh.. & please do all of us girls a favor.. If your still emotionally attached to your ex in ANYY way, shape or form.. DO NOTT feel the need to use us in your little experiment of "let's see if i can get over her". Do that first than get back to me. I'm NO REBOUND.. Nor a sidechick. I'm worth MUCH more hun. TRUST. xo.

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