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Now when you see someone1 doing good; that makes you wanna do good. When you see someone grinding it makes you wanna grind even harder.These people that were surrounded by, inspire us with they're ambition & determination to make it. ALL of them are focused, and display tenacity & are motivated to make it to the top one way or another.& were honored to be surrounded but these future stars !

Rell & Cleon-Bananas & Co. is a small independent label based outside of NYC. A symbol of liberty & freeful thinking. Bananas offers a variety of fashion forward pieces through clean compound looks.Bananas is a line that we fully support & forsee big things happening.
Courtney -is an up and comingg Artist hes not your typical "rapper" He writes, produces, sings, raps.etc.& hes only17. He posses ambition & passion that many ppl tend to lack at his age. He puts alot into songs where its not about cars,clothes,& such it actually has substance.
Great Scott -Fashion Stylist, Curator, Liasion, Creative Director & Model He's worked hard to get were he's at today. He's interned for about 5 years & finally hard work payed off, and landed him a spot apart of the BBC team.where he formally worked. He sets an examples showing that hard work does pay off. Inspiring anyone he comes across that perseverance is the key to success. Scott is now doing big things,
many business ventures and staying on the scene. WERE DEF. GUNNA SEE HIM AT THE TOP.

Demetrius Taylor -is Aspiring to Be A Professional basketball player. Averaging 23 points per game 5 assists, 3 steals and 1 blk. Displays alot of passion & ambition. He is a highly skills, driven basketball player.
Brian Hutchinson is also an Aspiring Professional basketball player is also extremely passionate about basketball, He currently attends Molloy Collge. & is determined to make it to the NBA.
Eric Douglas Aspiring Actor/Comedian as well as model. Dreams big & has intentions of making them come true. We have alot of faith in him that he can do whateverr it is that he puts his mind to !
Mitch El -one of the few young ladies from our high school that has alott of ambition taking part of 25 Magazine. She's everywhere & does everything form music to fashion ! We support her
Ethos Magazine - Neriah is one of the editors/ photo editors and contributes muchh more to the well know ethos-magazine. He sets high goals for himself & does everything to meet them. Creative, driven & intellectual minded individual.
Ugly Duckling -LPREZZ up coming Music Producer/Engineer & up&coming clothing line in which Louis has built, its creative, innovative. Louis is also working on his music thingg. grinding, & extremely talented
Romeing Panda- Designer Rome has created one of fashions newest accessories w| Gummy Bears ! They have been seen in complex, nylon, Teyana Taylor, amongst mannyy more advertisments. We've watched Rome turn his idea into a HUGE Fashion trend in NYC. If thats not ambition, we don't know what is !
Ironic Extinction- I.E. is Impossible Everyday situations made possible. I.E. without a doubt Is Everything that represents you at your
best. I.E. is Ironic Extinction. A Clothing line that we see soo much potential in. Best Wishes DJ, Chris &N Sosa
Matty-(Get Fresh Clothing) Living "Fresh" Is Much More Than What Meets The Untrained Eye. Living Fresh Is An Innovative, Original, And Creative State Of Being. Respect To The Diminishing Population Of People Who Can Honestly Say They Reside In This Mindset
Carlton-(Privacy In Public) Established in 2006 Privacy In Public has been a company strived for success. Shut down in 2008 by founder Carlton George. Privacy In Public will rebuild itself from ground up in 2010. Working harder than ever to be more,do more, and achive more.
Cloud SurFaz -is a Music Group lead by Spaids & Mike. Two young men that have passion for music & have alot of to look forward to.
Anali Okoloji -Born & Raised in Brooklyn New York. Anali is 6'8" and 215 pds of Talent & ambition. Not even the world can hold him with the ambition he displays. He's traveled all over pursuing his dream of being a professional basketball player.
Morgan - Also known as "Hollywood" is an young woman that displays alot of entrepreneurship. With a great head on her shoulder and has made a name for herself driven to meet success head on. At the tender age of 16 ! Morgan currently works for MOB (Married To The MOB) Clothing. Very inspirational coming from a 16 year old female !
Jungle Gym Magazine-An up and cominggg magazinee that promotes talent as well as events that tend 2 go un noticedd.It features pretty much everything you can imagine fashion,sports,politics,art,music etc.
Lynx Supremacy:-Music Has Been a Big Part Of LYNX SUPREME Life Since He Was Only 9 Years Old “I Been Playing With Toy Drums And Microphones Back Then It Was Sega Games Or Kung Fu Movies” A talent young musician with enough passion & drive to make it.
Tony (B.A.M) -B.A.M is one of the illest underground alternative hiphop bands from brooklyn,with catchy raps about weed ,hoes,and everyday shit that people go through. BAM stands for by any means and consist of three members, CDOT ,Sneaky Pete ,and Tony Polo
Colin Thierens-The Brooklyn Circus is an emerging mens and womens boutique and lifestyle brand which began in 2006 in a small shop on a side street in Brooklyn, New York City. With a new flagship boutique in San Francisco, distribution in Japan, The Brooklyn Circus has proven a highly influential brand to the youth and the youthfully spirited
Splash Ent.-One of the well known party promoters of NYC. Four ambitious young men with good heads on their shoulders with ambition to Take Over !
Triple L Society- Designer Lawrence Nurse and Model Kim'Ron (in picture). Lawrence is the designer of TLS & has Put together fashion shows with AMAZING collections as well as advertisments. We see him going very far. And there aren't alot of "Clothing lines" we can say that about. Coming from where we are from, Long Island, we support him with his big moves and his clothing line that we hear so much about !
Lexxie- 20 years old young lady who has goals of owning her own medical practice where she can cure millions of people. She has already became a certified nurse through completing her nursing program within a year of hard work & dedication. She has a passion of helping people & hopefully one day can make huge impact on their lives. She wants to live lavishly, yet fashionable ; )
Daphne- Has attained her associates degree in nursing & looking to pursue her education in getting her bachelors at a university in Jan. She has a warm heart & has dreams of also curing people all over the world. She displays alot of mature qualities for a young lady.
Sammie- At 19 years old, She has accomplished two fashion magazine internships (WWD and VIBE Magazine). She was also titled Senior Market editor for a Internal VIBE Publication called, PULSE. Fashion is where her ambition comes from. Displays strength, passion & ambition. Has an Associates in Fashion Buying & Merchandising and looking to attend F.I.T in Jan. to pursue her education in getting her bachelors as well as get in the Fashion Event Coordinating industry. Currently working full time at Tiffany & Co. to further her fashion marketing experience.

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  1. i love this post!!!
    it really shows a lot of great talents & ambitious people.
    see everyone at the top!


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