Saturday, May 30, 2009

Where Will Amazing Be ? (NBA COMMERCIAL VOICE)


The past two games have been amazing ! Let me talk about my LAKERSSS first. OMFG LMAO. If you have my twitter ( you'll know i was odee hyped. LOL Nuggets fans everywhere were upset at me LOL. Lost followers & everything. Even won a bet to make some kid that HATES kobe change his twitter name to @iheartkobe LMAOO. AH. =) But how carmelo lose on his bday ? Im not gunna lie, he's a great player...but they played sloppy. SMH your suppose to bring your A game. Instead they brought they're Z game ? LMAO SMH. Anyway, we won by a wopping 27 points ! OUCH LOL. Proves, KOBE IS A BEAST !

Now Cavs VS Magics. EVERYONEEE was sooo sure the cavs would win. Lebron lebron lebron, is all i been hearing. Lebron VS Kobe. LOL I personally wasn't so surprised. People hyped lebron so much that they forgot how much of A BEAST Dwight Howard was. This guy is unhuman i swear LOL> He went in. He def reminded people who he is. Now there going to the finals, since 1995 ! (I was only 5 LMAO) Damn. Congrats to them & im excited to see this game !! Im calling out & everything LMAO. I can finally say, its going to be an unpredictable game. This series was very exciting ! sad its coming to an end =( whats gunna be my excitment at night now ? LOL

PS; so; im sure they're tight they spent all that money on those kobe & lebron commercial on who's going to be MVP LMAO. SMH. HYPE for no reason LOL.

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