Thursday, May 28, 2009

??Questions I Ask Myself As Of May??

  1. Why Don't I STILLL have my lisence ?!
  2. Why are Guys Such jerks & liars
  3. Why are guys so insensitive
  4. What drug was spectacular (pretty Ricky) on when he made that video?!
  5. Why is it so easy to hate; but so hard to love?
  6. Why do we appreciate things & people when they're gone, more then when their around ?
  7. Why is Jay-Z taking forever to come out with blueprint III?!
  8. Why is twitter so addicting ?! ( LOL
  9. Why do i always give people the benefit of the doubt ? SMH.
  10. Why was Rihanna trying to take cassie's nude pics shine ? SMH LMAO.
  11. Why the eff is Rihanna so POPPIN !? (NO HOMO)
  12. Why are subliminal messages to people over twitter & aim so fun ?
  13. When is Long Island going to get poppin ? never ? oh.
  14. Speaking of which; when am i moving out of long island !?
  15. Why did VIBE have to end so soon? -_-


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