Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last Days At VIBE..

& Im Out.
Damn..Its finally come to an end. Its been real. It's had its ups..and its had its downs. Just like any internship. Its hard working for 'free'. Thats why you HAVEE to be passionate about it..or else there will be no motivation..and wo motivation...you will get nothing out of it and will not make it. ANYTHING IS POSSABLE WITH AMBITION. This fashion thing is real. Its all i want..all i need...and all i have. & thats REAL talk. So..my second internship..completed. Next up for me ? who knows..this summer is gunna be big though. Anything Sammy has her name on..is gunna be big. TRUST.
x & o's Readers ; )

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  1. This is my dream: To work for Vibe after college!


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