Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Your Room Should Be Filled With Inspiration...

I have perfected my room to be a place where i can feel inspired every morning when I wake up, before I go into the world to further myself. As well as every night before I go to sleep. Life is all about THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Everything in our life, we have attracted to ourselves. In order to attract something, you need to surround your self with it & absorb as much of it as you can. My love for fashion takes over EVRY aspect of my life. School, Work, Interns, My friends, My style, My hobbie, My talent, My pride..everything. Everything in life should be EFFORTLESSLY. If you find yourself forcing it, it was not meant to be. What comes effortlessly is given to us by god. God gave EVERYONE a talent. Thats why i believe everyone should use their talent as their career. I personally don't agree with people that say they're going to schooo for '"accounting" b.c its good money. You should NEVER chase money. That's not our goal in life. Our goals should be to chase our dreams, & the money will come effortlessly. Use your talent, &stay positive. Beleive me..If it was meant to be & you work for it..It will happen. & this fashion thing..Is going to happen for me...I have faith.
LOL..Inspired after watching a movie called "THE SECRET" It's a movie on the secret of life & success with a bunch of millionaires & entreprenuers. OMG..Everyone needs to watch this. Shout out to my brother KEVIN for putting me on. LOL =)


  1. I SOOO love your room! I agree!

  2. Your room is incredible. And I love what you said about the career for the money thing. I agree! I've been continuously telling my friends somewhat of the same thing.


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