Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sammy one on one time :)

So, lately i've been working like crazy. I still work at Guess in roosevelt field mall. :/ Retail really blows ! My main focus this summer is really saving up for my car, because life would just be that muchh easier !! LOL. I'm currently looking for a second job. I've taken a slight break from interning but will be back on deck in the fall! especially for fashion week :) As for my personal life..its been going pretty great. I've met this one person that makes me very happy :] & i've met alot of great people over the past month or so. All in all life is pretty great & i'm actually happy lmao (this is probably the first post of me rambling speaking on how happy i am). I've just really learnt to let go, & not force anything. Everything will fall in place..& sure enough thats what its been doing :]
When you dont see me on's cause my life has been sadly taken over by twitter lmao.


  1. Letting go is good .
    Peace of mind !

    Great blog by the way !

  2. U gotta get a black minima 4 column layout .. Google it .. 3 or 4 column minima layout .. but once you add the code to your html section .. all your stuff is going 2 get erased .. you would have to add everything back into your new columns ..

    good luck !


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