Wednesday, May 5, 2010


APRIL 26, 2010.

After ALL the hard work, we finally launched about a week ago. With over 2,000 views ALREADY ! We had been through it ALL, but in the end it was ALL worth it. It's the end of ONE chapter (Our blog) Yet the beginning of another (Our online publications) Lipstick & Labels is NOW a official company. We are an online media company & PR Firm. Covering EVERYTHING you can think of. Events, radio, tv, etc etc. There is NO limit for us. NOT even the sky. Who said best friends can't do business !? You can TOO !!! 

We'd like to welcome ALL our associate editors to the L&L family !
(Check in to our USTREAM monthly ! )
& of COURSE the site !
 Email ANY inquiries.
Fashion Director:
Music Director:
Inspiration Director (art, entreprenuers, sports, etc) :

Thanks again to ALL of our dedicated readers of our blog. Due to the GREAT amount of support & feedback we have received from this blog, it pushed us to go harder. You guys deserved something better. So enjoy ! This is the start of our journey. Xo.

Xo. The L&L Girls.

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