Sunday, March 28, 2010



So here at Lipstick & Labels, we have been conducting meeting after meeting with potential business partners, as well as amongst ourselves to make L&L the "ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE" for YOU ! OUR VIEWERS ! Lipstick & Labels would like to thank ALL our supporters, followers, viewers, and EVEN HATERS for ALL THE SUPPORT. Thanks to you guys, we have been motivated to transform L&L into an online media company (Magazine) geared towards bringing our generation of TALENT & AMBITION together. As well as growing into a PR FIRM. We will therefore serve as publicists to some of our greatest featured talent by assisting them in getting the exposure needed to get their career to where it needs to be. This means, access to many events, gigs, blogs, press, photo shoots, etc. In conclusion, Lipstick & Labels has an ONLINE MEDIA COMPANY/PR FIRM in the works ! Set to be launched within the next WEEK or so ! So spread the word & get excited ! It will offer you ALL that you've grown to love on our blog, but SO much more !!! With featured documentaries put together by our team, to some GREAT inspirational writers for our sections.

PS: As we build our team, we have been scouting for talent from ALL different industries to potentially be featured in some type of way. Also, we have been looking for high potential individuals that feel they can bring a lot to L&L. If you have talent for writing, fashion, music, editorial, photography, Video editing/film making (ESPECIALLY), PLEASE CONTACT US ASAP !!


Positions are being filled as we speak ! So if you feel you hold ANY of these talents, contact us for further detail ! Who knows, you can be the next member of the LOVELY L&L ! You WANT to be apart of something like this. WE WILL BE EPIC !

--"If Your not apart of it, atleast you ALL got to whitness."


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